Monday, 2 June 2008

Sketch frenzy

I like the way the scanner has processed this drawing, looks like the lamppost is switched on. Yesterday evening me and Sam sat and 'made art' (as zephyr put it) furiously and obsessively we were in the sketchbook/painting zone its so good to not have a sketchbook to do for a project and, instead, to have one for fun and to prove to myself that i can be creative for the sake of being creative.

Tommorow i get my grade back for first year not really sure how they will be grading it. Maybe just Pass/fail or i guess it could be like the H&C grades but im sure that i have at least passed this year that is certain. It would be nice to get say a B but to be honest i think i would be happy with anything considering how i felt the first two terms of this year have gone especially because i wasn't happy with alot of the work that i produced.

I just found out about a trip that the GSA emailed me explaining some of the details. Basically its a three week trip to china to learn mandarin which is exactly what i had been looking for...i hope i can get this because its all paid for and the only other way i would be able to travel would be to get an overdraft and get into some risky debt which im not too comfortable about.

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